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  1. How soon does my subscription start?

    Subscriptions start (or restart) with the next issue to print. We print to order and cannot start a subscription with a back issue. Once you've placed an order, it takes one or two weeks for your subscription to be scheduled. Your subscription is then added to the next production cycle and shipped via USPS Periodical mail. For example, if your subscription was ordered and received by the publisher in November, and the December issue has already shipped, your order will likely be added to the January mailing. Your subscription starts when you receive your first issue--not when you place your order. If you subscribed for 12 issues, you will receive all 12.
  2. What is my subscription expiration?

    The label on the envelope (or the cover wrap) has the expiration number for your subscription at the end of the line where the name is located or just above it. Note that at times a renewed subscription is updated after an issue has closed for mailing. In that case, your subscription expiration will update on your next label. Note that we do not have an integrated system to view your current expiration online. Please use the customer service form here to check on your subscription status.
  3. How come my renewal missed an issue?

    Because we print to order, if the subscription renewal is received too late, it will start with the next issue to print. Once an issue goes to the printer (about four weeks before mailing), the subscription database is closed for that issue in order to allow us to prepare for its mailing.
  4. When is my issue late?

    Our experience with non-US mail is to allow four months. For domestic delivery allow six to eight weeks. Because we use Periodical mail to keep subscription rates low, and is not the same as first class, delivery will be slower and more variable.
  5. Why wasn’t my magazine forwarded when I moved?

    We send out subscriptions through USPS Periodical mail and this class of mail isn’t forwarded. Instead, we receive a USPS form with the new address stapled to the front cover of the magazine (and yes, the rest of the magazine is destroyed). It’s therefore important to get a change of address to us as soon as possible, in order to be sure your subscription isn’t interrupted.
  6. What’s in the next few issues of Strategy & Tactics, World at War or Modern War?

    Please click here to check on the Preview page for the latest list of games and articles.
  7. Where is the article list for the past issues of Strategy & Tactics, World at War or Modern War?

    Please click here for a direct link to the index on the magazine page.
  8. Where do I send my order or renewal?

    Strategy & Tactics Press, PO Box 21598, Bakersfield, CA 93390; or fax 661/587-5031.